Moving With Elderly Guide

Elderly Moving Guide

Senior womanWhether moving to a warmer climate, for retirement, or just because they’re ready to move, senior citizens will more than likely need a bit of assistance during their transition. Here at CR Moving Services we have created an elderly moving guide and relocation plan that we hope will be of assistance to you and your elderly loved ones.

Take Extra Steps for Extra Good Care

The most important thing to remember when moving with the elderly is that you have to be patient with them. Their senses may not be what they once were, and they might have trouble deciding how they’d like to get everything packed and moved. Specifically, you will want to:

  • Help them sort out their items. Start the moving process as early as possible to make it easier on everyone. As you are getting everything sorted out, use tact when suggesting what to throw away. To you certain items might seem like pieces of junk, but to your loved one the item could be a precious reminder that they want to hold on.
  • Take pictures. While our elderly moving guide and senior relocation guide can save you a lot of trouble, taking pictures can save you even more trouble. By taking pictures you can arrange it so that the new place looks as much like the old place as possible.
  • Get a room layout. When moving with the elderly, it is good to get a room layout of the new place so that you can sit down together and decide where everything will go and if you need to put anything in storage.
  • Get them involved. Finally, make sure that you involve your loved one in the moving process. Let them tell you what they have in mind as far as decorations and arrangements go.

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For more tips from our senior relocation guide and elderly moving guide, call a CR Moving Services representative at [phone] or contact us online. Let us to show you how easy it can be when you are moving with the elderly.


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