Moving With Pets & Children Guide

Moving With Pets & Children Guide

How to Move with PetsMoving can be frustrating enough, but when you’re moving with children or moving with pets the experience can quickly get out of hand. Here at CR Moving Services we have compiled a helpful moving guide and have a few tips to share about moving with dogs and moving with cats.

The Whole Kid and Caboodle

Try not to get so caught up with packing and room planning that you neglect to pay attention to your kids and their needs. Specifically, you’ll want to:

  • Talk with your kids about the move. Give your kids time to process the transition and why it’s happening. Moving with children is a lot easier if they have had time to grasp the situation and ask you about it. When moving with pets you usually just have to put them in their travel cage and hit the road.
  • Get your kids involved. Another tip from our moving with children guide is to let your kids pack up a few of their favorite belongings. You can also let them pick out the paint color of their new room or bring them with you while you’re checking out the new house.

A Fur-tastic Voyage

Moving with dogs and moving with cats also requires a bit of careful planning. We find it best that pet owners:

  • See the vet. If you’ll be moving long-distance, take a trip to the vet weeks before your move so that you can make sure Fido or Fluffy is up-to-date on their vaccinations. You should also get their medical history and a Certificate of Veterinary Inspection if you need them to cross state lines.
  • Get new tags. Update your pet’s tags in case they get lost soon after you arrive at your new place.

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For more tips about moving with children or moving with pets, or if you’d like more information about any of our other moving services, call CR Moving Services at [phone] or contact us online. With our moving with children guide we are sure that your experience will be a breeze, and moving with cats and moving with dogs is easier than you know.

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