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Packing Supplies & Materials

Pile of boxes IIIf you will be moving soon, make sure that you have quality packing supplies and the help of professional local movers. Compassionate Relocations is here with sturdy moving boxes for long distance moves and packing boxes for local moves. We can either provide you with supplies and allow you to take care of your own packing, or we can handle the entire process for you. In either case, your full satisfaction is guaranteed.

Knock Out Your Move With a 1-2-Pack

Never underestimate how essential it is to have quality packing supplies for your move. Flimsy boxes and low quality tape and bubble wrap can result in broken, shifting, chipped, or smashed items. If you would like for us to take care of all of your packing needs, we will:

  • Box up all of your items
  • Safeguard your belongings from damage and dust
  • Deliver all of your items right to your door
  • Unpack your items in your new residence

For larger moves, we like to start managing the move early, usually anywhere from a day to two days just to make sure we operate as quickly and efficiently as possible. Let us know if you need additional boxes or supplies.

The CR Moving Services Treatment

What sets our packing supplies and services apart from other moving companies in California is that we perform each and every one of our moves with the compassion, professionalism, and speed they deserve. The CR Moving Services treatment starts from the moment we answer your call or email.

Call for a Free Quote

If you would like to order packing boxes or moving boxes, or if you’re interested in our storage services, get in touch with a CR Moving Services representative today by calling [phone] or contact us online. If you like, you can also fill out a free quote form while you are here at our website.

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